Our commitment to serving our clients the finest food and fitting into their production seamlessly is our aspiration.

We are a quality location catering company based in London that provides a friendly and professional service.

We look forward to serving your film crew, clients & actors that will no doubt be working long hours, providing them food of the very highest standard to enjoy.

Location cuisine will make sure they will be looking forward to every meal break keeping them fully refreshed with delicious nutritional food and beverages from breakfast, lunch , afternoon tea and, if required, late supper.

The finest food

Location Cuisine’s Director and Head Chef, Adrian Dixon, will always be on our state of art fitted kitchen truck to serve you, alongside his brigade of experienced chefs.
Whether your shoot is remote or in the city we are fully self-sufficient with fresh water and silent generators, ideal for quiet urban areas.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced British wholefoods, our disposables are both eco-friendly and compostable.
Our many encounters with professional crews and our wealth of experience in classic and modern restaurants ensures that we deliver exceptional food with a truly personalised style of service that is a cut above the rest.

Dietary needs and special preferences are always taken care of.

From mid-2017, we’re excited to be operating out of a brand new ultra low emission kitchen truck . Our new LWB Support Van is also Euro 6.

Location Cuisine is built with a passion for excellent food and incredible service, we look forward to serving you


Zoe A Court, Production Manager

“Finest food on set with great service”

Daisy Gautier, Production Manager

“Great tasting food & Ade was a pleasure to deal with from a production point of view”

Ben Preston, Production manager

“Amazing food with many different styles of cuisine”

Lawrence Duncan , Location Facilities driver

“Whenever I hear it’s Location Cuisine doing our shoot, I know we’ll be well looked after,great food every time!

Paul Manwaring , Wearefind.com