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A bit about Location Cuisine’s Menus

There are many Stories behind some of our menu’s and recipes collected far from all over the world to local traditional dishes. This comes from many years in professional kitchens in the UK, Sweden, France, Asia & Australia.
Location Cuisines Repertoire has a wide range. We serve food our clients love to eat, food you may have a job finding in some bistros, although nothing is unrecognisable always reinvented with freshness or as a delicious classic & indeed we are always keeping up to date with modern menu’s.

When cooking a dish we make sure the main fresh ingredient stands out, when a person orders a beef dish from us they get a superior cut of beef that is tender, caramelised on the outside and cooked to perfection , Fish is the same, a fine Fillet or Tranche will stand out ,be just cooked Seared, Grilled or Baked very succulently, we make innovative vegetarian, vegan dishes that most meat and pescatarians want to try! The garnishes to the dishes are just as important and burst with freshness and delicate flavours

Only the freshest produce is used from the finest cuts of meat to the freshest seafood, fine vegetables , fresh herbs, ripe fruits and pure wholesome goodness all balanced in our dishes

Our Produce is from our local market suppliers or from a list of suppliers we have near your shoot, if we have not worked there before by the time we know the location we will be on the phone to the local fresh fish market to make an order for delivery to us at your unit base!

We source our meat from selected Sussex farm estates

Fish is supplied from the most sustainable fish market in the UK on the south coast much of it from the south coast caught by day and night boats.

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are ordered daily from covent garden and also sourced from other selected markets.

If you require hot boxed food have no fear!
When our food is hot boxed on continuous working days or at a tight unit base with no room to dine, crew will say how our food tastes as good in a box as it does on the plate!

Drinks & Complimentary Items

A long day on set needs to be fuelled with the best hot & cold drinks selection.
We provide a full range of Teas, Freshly filter coffee, decaffeinated tea & coffees, herbal infusions , Spring water, Superior Ice cold fizzy beverages all included in our daily service.
Fruit Basket & biscuit selection.
An on set hot & cold drinks table with a handy trolley will be sent to you after breakfast and lunch along with a lovely selection of fruit, We provide a table for set up, Then we will send elevenses
Any special requests? Please Inform us at the time of Booking , We will provide it!